Last Minute Application Tips!. Grades and test ratings are important in the admission procedure;

 there is no doubt about this. However, themselves academically and who have performed well in school, we rely on the qualitative factors of the application to arrive at a decision while we are looking for students who have challenged. At this time in the process, senior school seniors should focus their attention on the presentation components of the application: the essay, short answers, extracurricular tasks, therefore the letter of recommendation.

The Essay

The essay is really a student’s opportunity to tell us who they are, not just as being a person but also as a student. Probably the most successful essays would be the most authentic essays. We are truly to know who our applicants are. The best advice I can give to students is to ‘be your self’.

Quick Answers

They are called short answers, buuuut they shouldn’t be too short of an answer. The short email address details are taken very seriously within our review process. They give us valuable insight in to students’s academic interest also as their commitments outside of the class.

Extracurricular Strategies

We have been in search of pupils who will be active members of the USC community. I always recommend that students list any commitments they’ve outside of the classroom. This includes conventional clubs, sports, volunteer organizations, work experience etc. But it addittionally includes, non-traditional activities such as for instance taking care of siblings or other family people, productive hobbies like photography, marathon training or climbing Everest.

Letter of suggestion

Pupils often feel like they do not have control over their letter of guidelines; yet, pupils do have control of whom they approach to write a page of suggestion for the kids. We need that at least one suggestion come from an individual who can discuss the student’s academic character and potential (in other words. therapist or teacher).

Final Application Deadline Approaching

The holidays is we call file review season in our office upon us which also coincides with what. The December 1 merit scholarship deadline has passed away at USC, however there is still time to use by the January 10 final application deadline for first-year applicants.

Although January 10 may feel remote as it’s about a month away, now is the time that is best to put the finishing touches on the job, such as securing any last recommendation letters and having someone proofread your essay. This time around of 12 months is supposed become relaxing and supply you with a break from studying and spending so much time in your classes. By taking care of any college that is remaining details now, you can actually reward your self with some time to really enjoy your senior year!

We value our time off from work during winter break, so our staff works difficult during the of December, as well month. When you have any concerns or issues regarding the application or the admission process at USC, feel free to touch base to the admission counselor who works together with your senior school. Our office is closed from 22 through January 1, thus if you have any questions, now is the time to contact us december.

Visiting Campus over the Holiday Break? No problem!

I spent part of my morning at USC’s bookstore while our file review system was temporarily down monday. In the midst of finding the precise size and item that I was looking to buy as a Christmas time gift for the member of the family, We took a moment to pause and look around—the bookstore was incredibly busy! I wondered what was going on and realized that not only are finals winding down this week, but students are preparing to go home for the holiday break and had been also doing some gift shopping that is last-minute. The bookstore was super crowded earlier in the day this week, but by this weekend, our campus are mostly empty as the University closes for vacation break from December 22 January 1.

Even though the admission office will never be staffed over the break, prospective students and families are welcome to check out campus and take their very own tour that is self-guided! We understand that many visitors want to tour USC on weekends and in other cases of year whenever we don’t offer formal tours, thus we’ve created the official USC Self-Guided Tour pamphlet for all your university visit requirements! This resource follows the path that is same USC guides take on their tours and it carries a map and pictures of significant buildings and locations on campus as a guide. On the way, you’ll start to see the Campus Center that houses student offices and dining choices, educational buildings, and libraries such as Doheny Memorial Library, the research library that is oldest on campus. The same as every tour led by our present students, the tour that is self-guided at the infamous statue of Tommy Trojan. Through the 12 months, you’ll usually see students, alumni, as well as other guests taking pictures in front of Tommy, so don’t be shy to take one yourself!

Exactly What tour could be complete without supplying information about the certain areas around campus and things to do in l . a .? In the page that is final of brochure, various local museums, restaurants, sports venues, and shopping locations are highlighted in case campus visitors want to explore areas off campus, aswell.

You are sure to get a sense of what our beautiful campus and the city of LA have to offer whether you see USC on your own or led by a tour guide. Enjoy the holiday break!