Choosing Is Straightforward

The Tesoro Tiger Shark is a dual function underwater metal detector. You’ll want an underwater metal detector with neutral buoyancy (or as close to near neutral as possible). Some waterproof metal detector models are only waterproof to 10 feet (three meters), which is fine for shallow reefs and the beach, but if you want to go scuba diving deeper than 10 feet, you’ll want to choose a model with a higher depth rating. A salt water metal detector is what you want for shallow beach hunting or SCUBA diving.

Normally, these types of devices are used by novice deep sea divers who have experience and can easily work such detectors. However, you also don’t want it to be super light; otherwise, it may float away in the water.

You will find the best waterproof metal detector for your needs in no time. This submersible metal detector is based on pulse induction in opposite to the AT PRO which is a VLF machine. This is a great machine because it works well on both land and in water, however, you have to compromise with only a 10 feet submersible metal detector. The submersible metal detector is equipped with a superb automatic and manual ground balancing which is essential to have in VLF machines to handle saltwater and a high volume of mineralization.

This device is a great addition to your gear and you will love every moment you spend searching for treasures. Searching for metals underwater needs you to have more than just your professional swimming gear. The vibration in this device is faulty after a few months of use.

The AT Pro is a versatile VLF detector that’s designed to handle almost any type of hunting (aside from diving). If you’re looking for a waterproof detector for shallow water hunting, the Garrett AT Pro and Garrett ATX are my top picks.

Exceptional both underwater or shoreside thanks to its has long stem build, the Garrett Sea Hunter MK II is one of the best metal detectors for underwater use. The Excalibur II was crafted with a Receive Coil Boost (RCB), making any target signals amplified.

A Spotlight On Criteria In Waterproof Metal Detector

In this case you can remove the middle shaft and make the device smaller sized and more convenient to use. Application of this technology allows Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II get an immediate target response. The device design is water metal detector rather ergonomical – the control unit can be fastened to upper, middle or bottom section of its shaft. The settings are quite simple and flexible at the same time – these are discrimination, threshold tone and sensitivity.

Though the metal detector weighs 2.5 kg, you all know that things become lighter under water. The device has S-shaped shaft and it is more convenient to use for underwater treasure hunting than a straight one.

They are highly sensitive to precious metals and unlike VLF detectors, they’re not affected by mineralized soil or sand. PI metal detectors work by sending short bursts of electronic pulses into the ground.

This comes in handy when also separating the detectors that work on land too. You need to know whether you will be hunting in salt waters or will you be going in fresh waters. Though if you are still torn, you could try to assess the metal detectors you have used before and assess the quality they offered.