pay for a research paper com – Florian Hassel newspaper commentator notes that during his visit to Poland Steinmeier, “tried to strike a balance – strive for a common Europe, but also warned Warsaw from violating the rule of law” .See also: President Steinmeier: Germany Poland are grateful for the trust and partnership » it is estimated also that Steinmeier during a previous visit to Poland in may 2017 years the atmosphere in the German-Polish relations were more tense than it is today.

Meanwhile, since 2008. With his wife is a huge, 300-meter house in a gated community in the center of Warsaw. In April of 2015. This property and rewrites his wife Iwona” – we read in the weekly First reading lodged in December last year draft amendments to the constitution was held on Wednesday. Clubs PO, PSL and found critically Modern design, which in addition to the deputies also signed kukiz’15 PiS deputies. Kukiz’15 positively to the proposals it referred only club PiS.Projekt provides: TK election of judges qualified 2/3 majority of votes in the presence of at least half of the statutory number of deputies, increasing the composition of the Constitutional Tribunal of 15 to 18 members and examining the constitutionality of the Law on the Constitutional Court Supreme Court.

The project also included a provision stipulating that the term of office of judges of the Constitutional Tribunal selected before the entry into force of this law expires within 60 days; in their place are new sędziowie.Przemawiając be appointed on behalf of the applicants on Wednesday during the first reading of the draft MEP Tomasz kukiz’15 Rzymkowski stressed that further parliamentary work can enter a “safety mechanism TK election of judges.” As he spoke, he would apply to the situation if the vote in the Sejm failed to collect 2/3 of the votes needed – according to the project – for the selection of judges; In this case, the judges, from among candidates nominated by the Parliament, the National Council of the Judiciary wybierałaby. He also stated that there are voices that the proposed number of judges in the project – 18 – “is an even number, and it would be worth to the composition was odd.” Rzymkowski said that “such a proposal is to be considered.” “Members of the Tribunal may be 19 and 21. This number should be significantly higher than the 15″ – he stressed Deputy kukiz’15. Before Thursday’s vote motion to reject the PSL deputy Krzysztof Paszyk turned to the club kukiz’15 with the question “what really” directs applicants. “You are creating a very dangerous precedent for the future too dangerous. Not having a constitutional majority, you make this project with the Basic Law and in relation to a very important constitutional body” – mówił.zobacz also kukiz’15 has a counterproposal to the 500 plus: Tax credits in place of “Justice for further work on the constitutional amendments by kukiz’15» kukiz’15: Changing the constitution will help resolve the conflict around TK »Then he asked deputies kukiz’15, which promised them the PiS. “Is there a deal between the PiS and the club kukiz’15?

Is there a political deal and if you really want to rename the state of the kukiz’15 Kupis” – asked the deputies Paszyk kukiz’15. In response, the Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński turned to the PSL deputy, not to turn the names of political parties, “because it is the level of offensive.” “Nothing we PiS, I swear, not promised,” – said while the club head of the parliamentary rostrum kukiz’15 Paul Kukiz . But – he pay for research paper apa stressed – his party promised to restore the citizens of the state and the state odpartyjnienie. “The current structure of the Constitutional Court is that it captured the parties TK. We want to 2/3 elected by consensus judges CT and then we are sure that they will decide in the name of broad interests of civil and not in the name of Law and Justice, Kukiz ‘ 15, PO and PSL, and that’s it. As you do not understand this, I invite you, I’ll explain it to you after the meeting, “- he said the deputy Kukiz PSL.Z turn Rzymkowski decided that Paszyka question is offensive. “We have sworn that the proposals for the good of the Polish state. And what you have done to end this crisis? Nothing done completely” – he said at PSL.Zwrócił deputies to the PO and PiS deputies to support the project. “Us discuss during the second reading, we are open to your suggestions, so that this constitutional crisis to end. We depend primarily on the fact that CT could function normally, because if any of you claims that the Tribunal has been functioning, either lying, or is completely unaware of the reality of living “- he said Rzymkowski.Paszyk in response stated that it is not so that the PSL has done nothing to indicate a way out of the crisis around TK. “We as a club we turned to President Andrew Duda to stand up to the task as guardian of the Constitution.

Shots were good assurance in December (2015)., The president promised the establishment of the National Council for the Development of the team that will take care of creating regulations that will allow the get out of this situation “- said deputy PSL. Unfortunately – he added – after the first declarations of the president no further action. “And this would be the best way in a democratic state ruled by law, through dialogue to find a way out of this situation, and not the de facto constitution devastating deepen the crisis” – added the deputy turn Paszyk.Z Modern Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz said that the proposal to change kukiz’15 in the constitution “is obscene.” “Kukiz also led grouping together of Justice to the conflict around the Constitutional Court. You voted for the first amendment of the Constitutional Tribunal Act, you voted for the removal of judges elected by the Parliament of the seventh term of office” – she said. According to her, the solution of the crisis is not only a change in the constitution adopted by President vows of three judges of the Constitutional Tribunal correctly chosen by the Sejm of the previous term. “We can not change the constitution in such an atmosphere. You want to remove judges from their positions against the principles of a democratic state of law, the two countries enter the selection without any protection, that reaches such a consensus” – mówiła.Gasiuk-Pihowicz kukiz’15 asked deputies whether their purpose ” is leading to a situation that the current composition of the Court will be canceled after 60 days, and the new will not be selected at all, “.See also: Free legal assistance: From February 2016. all points of work» Court sluggishly protects the interests of citizens »Rzymkowski found that proposals to the president accepted the oath of the three judges selected by the previous Sejm frivolous. “But the Constitution says clearly that we have 15 judges of the Constitutional Tribunal and currently 15 judges made a vow. In contrast, the three CEO Mr.

Rzpliński not allowed to rule” – said deputy club Kukiz’15.Nawet – asked – if the president would have to accede to this solution, then what is the actual situation. “We have 18 judges and what? A constitution says about 15. Come out constructive suggestion how to solve this crisis. I’m still (it) can not hear, I hear absurd arguments” – he said among Rzymkowski Members criticizing the project to his club. While Law and Justice deputy Marek Ast addressed a question to the applicants, “is not it true that the existing provisions of the Constitution do not constitute an obstacle for the PO to the previous term to assassinate CT, is not it true that these proposed changes kukiz’15 in order to in the future to prevent this kind of attacks, “.Currently in the CT consists of 15 judges. They are elected individually by the Sejm for nine years from the persons distinguished by their knowledge of the law. The selection is made by an absolute majority of votes in the presence of at least half of the total number of deputies.

Re-election to the composition of the Court is inadmissible. A law amending the Constitution the Parliament adopts the majority of at least 2/3 of the votes in the presence of at least half of the statutory number of Deputies and the Senate by an absolute majority of votes in the presence of at least half of the statutory number of Senators. Le Pen, whose daughter Marine is currently leading the National Front, argued before the entrance to the headquarters of the party that has the right to enter, and relied on his status as honorary life chairman. Le Pen also said that the party borrowed 9 million euros for the election campaign of his daughter in the presidential and parliamentary elections. Commenting on the fact that it was not allowed to party headquarters, Le Pen said with bitter irony, that certainly was a birthday gift from his daughter, caused “special delicacy of the heart.” It’s Marine Le Pen has removed his father from the National Front. In 2015. He was expelled from the party, among others, therefore compromising the extermination of Jews during World War II and the defense of Marshal Philippe Petain, who was then the head of the French puppet state with its capital in Vichy.

Jean-Marie Le Pen has been convicted several times for xenophobic and anti-Semitic statements. (PAP) The words he used Steinmeier in Warsaw, “were not sensational, but it is clear” – the daily. German president “refused to return the nation-state, and pointed to the legitimacy of the transfer of sovereignty (each Member State) for the EU”, where “both of these postulates are hated by the Polish government under the leadership of the actual President of the Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski” – indicates the “SZ”. Words Steinmeier that “when threatened are the basic rules, this affects all the others,” the Polish government a few weeks before further decisions in the dispute with the EU rule of law “rightly receives a politely worded but firm warning that Berlin will join to (possible) EU sanctions against Warsaw. ” Florian Hassel newspaper commentator notes that during his visit to Poland Steinmeier, “tried to strike a balance – strive for a common Europe, but also warned Warsaw from violating the rule of law” .See also: President Steinmeier: Germany Poland are grateful for the trust and partnership » it is estimated also that Steinmeier during a previous visit to Poland in may 2017 years the atmosphere in the German-Polish relations were more tense than it is today. “The then Prime Minister of Law and Justice deputy and the then Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski both in relations with the EU and Germany in their statements often they chose rather confrontational course. Since I replaced them with Mateusz Morawiecki and Jacek Czaputowicz, relationships become admittedly more polite, but remained unchanged in matters substantive “- the daily. “SZ” also notes that Steinmeier will meet on Wednesday in Warsaw with representatives of the Polish civic organizations. As pointed out, “this is usually the point of the program reserved for visits to countries ruled authoritarian.” “It’s a subtle signal that Berlin does not endorse authoritarian course of Warsaw. The President of Germany is not able to do more” – says the newspaper. Steinmeier’s visit to Poland will end on Wednesday afternoon.

It is difficult to resist us together under one roof. In the family, among friends, in Poland at all. At odds with each other, looking suspiciously reactive aggression. Divides us many things, but the most important is policy. The so-called politics, because speech rather not so much about the views as the faith and beliefs.

But today let it be politely and without derision: divides us belief. Like smog in Krakow today hung over our houses. Can he effectively pollute the atmosphere, poisoning the end of what should be friendly and healthy? And again: whether we are able to defend themselves, to find an antidote to the devastating effects of our lives that carbon monoxide poisoning. Political stick Well, what is your Jarus also today again said the wise? – the question must arise every day. At breakfast, if they ate together, but usually at dinner, when he returned tired after a long day of work. The worst was in the days off, then had more time to harass her political taunts.

How not Jareczek, it Duduś, not him, this terrible Awl. Magda, aged slightly longer postbalzakowskim, freelancer, earning well, independent woman, says that especially in the last holiday was on the verge of hysteria. Her husband George ran after her with “Election” and had read. Forced to watch on the computer entries, which he believes ultimately discredited PiS politicians. Ideological discussions launched during the barbecue, when she dreamed, to drink wine and talk with friends about things that really matter to her. Books, movies. Space.

Or changes in taxes. – The most we could talk, but under the condition that it was his rants about these stupid ideas of Justice – also wspomina.zobacz: Syrian Christian: It is a bad flow of information between Syria and the West. A lot of manipulation, deceit, propaganda [INTERVIEW RIGAMONTI] “A few months ago they parted. She breathed a sigh of relief. – Politics was not the only topic on which views differed. But one of the most important. Especially that made it such a convenient stick to pummel me with it – diagnosed. She is not particularly radical views. OK, it’s a bit on the right, but not the manifestation of years, not sitting in a church, not hejtuje network.

But I voted for Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s party in the parliamentary elections and the presidential Andrzej Duda. She admitted to this, because it is neither a shame nor a secret. But it was enough to turn their already uneasy political marriage in hell. – When I mention this today, I have a little greater distance, so I can say that our arguments resembled those exaggerated cabaret – he says. But she was not laughing then. Her job involves for selecting and analyzing data, finding arguments colliding with their rations on the other hand.

However, in this case, the arguments were unnecessary. Not that they did not result simply were not listened to. She started to say something and interrupted in mid-sentence her resounding “Not true!” Her husband. Or “telling nonsense” – George, I asked, do not talk about politics. It is known that the second one can convince a waste of time and frustration. It resulted in one day, gusting.

Besides, she knew that her husband will not last long. He sat at the computer, jumping between portals, muttering under his breath. In the end he fell into the room, where she worked, trotted in place, shifting from foot to foot. He reminded her of a pressure cooker, which has already gathered so much steam that soon explode if not unscrewed the valve. And bam! And you know what is your Jareczek invented stupid again … – We already stopped even like, aggression with political issues moved to the house, what to do for dinner, what flowers to plant and what to give to your dog chow.

Maybe this relationship and so that did not survive, but this policy meant that the end was accelerated – Magda ends. I wanted to talk about it with her husband, but he refused. He said only that his wife was crazy, like half the people in this country. And he does not intend to share an idiot bed or table. Blinded If something is wrong, it’s an excuse to get in close combat, always will – says prof.

Krzysztof Łęcki, a sociologist at the University of Silesia in Katowice.