We at Harsanik are enthusiastic about things wedding, but our part that is favorite of will be the traditions that partners elect to include on the special day. As Armenians, we now have a lot of wedding that is beautiful to select from. Certainly one of well known Armenian wedding traditions may be the blocking associated with the doorway that is done by family relations on the bride’s part once the wedding couple are leaving the bride’s home.

Typically a male member of the family through the bride’s part will block the entranceway and require getting compensated to be able to permit the bride to go out of her family members’ house. Sometimes this role for the “bouncer” is performed because of the bride’s bro, relative, or more youthful male general. Often there is certainly just one bouncer as well as other times you can find a few who partner together to have the working work done. Quite often the bouncer holds a blade to block the doorway.

In terms of whom pays up, it is determined by the household. Often the groom will probably pay from the bouncer, in other cases oahu is the “kavor” (bestman), as well as other times it is another member of the family through the groom’s part. And exactly how much do these bouncers expect you’ll receives a commission? Well, it is up to the bouncer to determine! It is customary when it comes to offer that is first be a lot less, and also for the bouncer to reject it (you’ll often see this captured in videos because of the bouncer shaking their mind no). The following higher offer often satisfies the bouncer. Otherwise, other people in the groom’s family members, like the groom’s father step in and provide more money to really make the deal proceed through. Most families have complete great deal of fun with this particular tradition and personalize it to make it their particular.

Listed here is a number of the most popular shots of the special wedding day tradition that is armenian. You are able to find out more about other wedding that is armenian and have a look at every few’s love tale and big day on our blog.

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The show below include a number of Armenian and Western wedding traditions that tend to be practiced in Armenian weddings held in the us today. We wish that this list may help future brides and grooms in their wedding ceremony planning procedure and provide insight that is knowledgeable of traditions to the community of non-Armenian friends and family.

We have been constantly seeking to include more traditions to your collection, therefore we encourage one to e mail us for those who have any insight that is additional. Together with your assistance we desire to produce the many comprehensive selection of previous and current Armenian wedding traditions.


The Proposal:

Typically, the groom must ask the bride’s household for the hand that is bride’s wedding, but everyone understands that this tradition has lost its appeal. Yet, it is safe to say that many grooms communicate their motives to propose to their bride-to be’s family that is immediate way or any other. The standard “Khosk-Arnel” (seeking authorization) technique has been changed having a “Khosk-Kap” following the groom’s proposition.


The groom’s instant family members is invited to your bride’s home for coffee/tea or dinner. The groom’s family members comes with flowery arrangements and a package of chocolates. The groom asks their quickly become father-in-law for their hand that is daughter’s in. Khosk-Arnel is less formal compared to a Khosk-Kap and it is restricted to the couple’s immediate household.


Armenian weddings have numerous traditions. The red and green ribbon ceremony is just one tradition that is such. This ceremony is reported to be a vintage tradition that is armenian has been handed down and kept primarily by Armenians in specific aspects of Iran, such as for instance Isfahan. Because so many traditions, there is small variants of its’ origins.

When you look at the old times, the top which was added to the bride and groom’s minds throughout the marriage ceremony had been made from white, green and red threads. These colors signified comfort, life, and sacrifice. The red and green ribbons are linked to this tradition. Properly, green means life and red means lose.


We love sharing various Armenian Wedding Traditions on our web log. This we are excited to share some traditions that couples can choose to incorporate as part of welcoming the bride and groom week. In accordance with old tradition that is armenian following the marriage ceremony during the church, the few and their visitors would commemorate during the groom’s house. A few traditions would take place with Lavash, honey, plates and more upon their arrival!