The Best IELTS Task 2 Composing Template

In the event that you’ve started your IELTS prep, you’ll understand that the job 2 Essay asks you to definitely compose an academic-based essay speaking about a quarrel, viewpoint or standpoint. But where would you begin? In the event that you proceed with the easy IELTS Task 2 composing template below, you may effortlessly manage to format your essay and concisely write the mandatory 250 terms. When you’re done right here, carry on onto our Complete Guide to the IELTS Writing Task 2 to find out more about how exactly to enhance your rating.

Fundamental IELTS Task 2 Template that is writing Construction

I would suggest that your particular essay uses the following structure:

Below is much more information in the sentences which should be contained within each one of these paragraphs along side examples based for this sample Task 2 Question:

federal Government investment within the artistic arts, the type you commonly see in free galleries, is really a waste of cash. Governments must invest this cash in public places solutions rather. As to the level would you agree with this particular declaration?


Seek to compose three sentences around 60 terms as a whole.

  • Sentence 1 – Paraphrase the job concern or write a basic declaration relating to your topic making use of synonyms of this key phrases found in issue. E.g. These times, many regional governments spend big portions of these spending plan not just on general general public solutions, but additionally from the artistic arts.
  • Phrase 2 – State your opinion or point of take on the relevant concern being expected. E.g – Although I concur that it’s important to spend money on local amenities, i really do maybe not think shelling out for the artistic arts is just a waste of cash.
  • Phrase 3 – Give an essay overview including a phrase that is summarizing: E.g. This essay will talk about this problem utilizing examples to support arguments and points that are demonstrate.

Supporting Paragraphs

The two paragraphs that are supporting consist of your thinking and supporting examples to respond to the job concern. Seek to compose just two paragraphs that are supporting approximately 85 terms in each. Each paragraph should retain the after four sentences and adhere to one concept per paragraph:

Paragraph 1:

  • Sentence 1 – State your first position.Eg. From the one hand, spending an important quantity of the federal federal government spending plan on general general general public services is effective for culture.
  • Phrase 2 – Explain why that position is held by you. Eg. Offering for fundamental amenities, such as for instance hospitals, roads, and schools, really helps to figure out the standard of life that a lot of residents has.
  • Phrase 3 – Give a scholastic instance that backs up your concept. Eg. As an example, a survey that is recent Education Today indicates that countries that invest more on schools have a population this is certainly greater in literacy, by 65%, in comparison to the ones that dedicate no cash to training.
  • Sentence 4 – Summarise the paragraph showing just exactly just how your instance links your idea/argument back into the idea that is main. Eg. It is therefore apparent that shelling out for general general public solutions is just custom writing an investment that is worthwhile a federal federal government.

Paragraph 2:

  • Sentence 1 – State your second position.Eg. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that the artistic arts should be totally neglected.
  • Phrase 2 – Explain why you own that position.Eg. The artistic arts also provide a essential effect on our standard of living.
  • Phrase 3 – Give an example that is academic backs up your concept. Eg. for instance, a study that is recent by the planet wellness Organization figured people that regularly visit free galleries are cited to be 20% happier in life than those who cannot.
  • Sentence 4 – Summarise the paragraph showing how your instance links your idea/argument returning to the idea that is main. Eg. Seeing the health advantages that lots of individuals have through the artistic arts, it’s important that the us government assists such organizations in order to continue steadily to offer pleasure to your public.


For the summary, seek to write only one or two sentences that paraphrase everything you’ve talked about when you look at the essay. You will need to stick to under 45 terms.