Intuit QuickBooks review: Quick to impress

Intuit QuickBooks review: Quick to impress

I have very little in terms of expenses other than mileage, meals and home office. To have features specific to renal property management, you could look at third-party apps like IntegraRental, Re-Leased, or Loft47 (if you go this route, Xero has more rental integration options than QBO). Or, I would recommend taking a look at Quicken Home & Business, which comes with rental management as well as accounting. You’d be able to manage your properties, tenants, rent due dates, lease dates, maintenance expenses, etc. The UI isn’t as attractive as Xero or QBO, but it may be a more affordable and functional way to go.

Offer available to all customers with an active subscription to QuickBooks Simple Start, Essentials or Plus. Terms, conditions, features, pricing, service and support are subject to change without notice. There are a few main difference between each software to consider.

QuickBooks gently guides you through setting up your account, inviting you to submit details of your company and select the features you think you’ll need – from construction industry tax tracking to retail sales management. Like many international Software-as-a-Service providers, Intuit’s main data centres are located in the USA, covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield data export framework. However, in this review, we’re focusing on larger small-to-medium enterprises, which means we’ll be looking at the higher tiers, which are compatible with Making Tax Digital. These are QuickBooks Essentials, with up to three registered users and a standard price of £18 per month, and QuickBooks Plus, with gives you five user seats and is priced at £27 per month (outside of special offer periods). The QuickBooks Online plans also enjoys other advantages as well over the downloaded version.

The online versions clearly have a better set of features than the downloadable version. QuickBooks is the leading accounting software for small businesses. Manage all your finances with either our licensed or online version. Instant access to customer, vendor and employee information.

I would call Intuit to verify. I thought of one more alternative.

Free support and upgrades with online version. Comes with a 30 day free trial. quickbooks accountant Online is a cloud-based product that does not require software installation.

It includes unique features that are not available in QBO and QuickBooks Desktop, like the ability to separate business from personal expenses, track miles and transfer data to TurboTax. Here at Fit Small Business, we use QuickBooks Online to manage all of our business accounting and taxes. We have set up our tax professional with a user id and password to access our QuickBooks data and pull the information they need to file our tax returns. Since everything is tracked in QuickBooks, we do not spend a lot of time organizing receipts and bank statements.

We were slightly frustrated by the process of manually adding bank accounts without an online link and would prefer a clearer path and more complete documentation to help with this. Similarly, we’d have liked more options to mix-and-match features such as sole trade self-assessment support, MTD and multicurrency features. UK data centres would also have been a plus.

So I am really at decision point now. You can find an article on choosing accounting software here which details a step-by-step process for choosing accounting software to match your company’s needs. For any small business owner new to the world of cloud-based accounting, I’d recommend starting there.

  • With your accounts set up and your transactions imported, you’re prompted to review and reconcile your bank transactions.
  • Based on what you’ve told me about your business, I would recommend using QuickBooks Online as long all 32 of your staff members don’t need user access to QuickBooks Online.
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  • I did a bit of research to see if anyone has discovered a workaround for this, but my search came up blank.

However, it seems misleading on Gusto’s website to have a FAQ on Qsehra but when we signed up, they dont actually administer it. Im not sure if does it either. Do you have any suggestions or knowledge of this? Thanks.

Connect QuickBooks to your Bank Account – Duration: 2 minutes, 23 seconds.

It’s free for a single user but additional TSheets user accounts are billed separately or as a block, so bear that in mind if you want to allow staff to track their own time. Features include payroll, billing, scheduling and project management support. Intuit also offers a cloud service called QuickBooks Online (QBO).

5. Track Inventory

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.


VAT SmartScan™ automates the most important VAT checks so you can catch and address common errors before submission. Starling Bank has added cloud-based accounting software group Intuit QuickBooks to its third-party marketplace.

Both will let you record income and expenses, reconcile bank accounts, manage bills, run customizable reports, and keep your books organized and in order. However, neither is particularly well-suited for property management. You can still manage properties using either program but will have to do a bit of finagling to get the software to do what you need.

Xero is only easy to use once you get to know the software. There is a steep learning curve and setup can be quite intensive. Xero does offer plenty of support tools to get over this learning curve, but Online is definitely easier to use. For small businesses, QuickBooks Online is the more affordable option, even though Xero looks cheaper upon first glance.